Have you ever found your prescribed rehab exercises really boring?

Effective treatment is treatment combined with rehab that includes your new movement patterns.

Teaching Yoga provided a way for me to observe my patients during their practice and give guidance on correct technique, while they are doing something they enjoy…and I love teaching.

The Benefits of Yoga with me:

Yoga provides the multidirectional movements and creative freedom I needed to rehab patients who move in that way, for example dancers, yoga teachers and martial artists, but also those who do not move adequately and need to break out of the mould.
With my knowledge of biomechanics and our bodies, I can tailor-make the class to include very effective postures and assure the principles of biomechanics are adhered to.
Assuring the correct relation of strength to flexibility will prevent potential damage to our bodies. The focus in some yoga classes may be on flexibility with too little strengthening. Our bodies have different needs – I will make sure that you are aware of your body’s needs and know how to make the most of your yoga practice to achieve the best results.
Yoga practice improves your balance and focus greatly.
Yoga is a low impact exercise that will not put adverse strain on our joints.
The slow, rhythmical movements are great for retraining core muscles and joint control.
Research has also shown that slow, rhythmical and repetitive movement is very effective therapy for those who have suffered trauma. My yoga classes are a safe space and extra support can be provided when needed.
Having a special interest in chronic pain and mental health, the pranayama and meditation practices of Yoga provided invaluable knowledge and skills to use myself and teach to my patients.

And who of us would not like a little more zen in our lives?