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Musculoskeletal conditions include all injuries and conditions involving the muscles, joints and bones of the skeleton, as well as the neural system it encompasses. From headaches to ankle sprains, back pain and RSI, there is a tailor made treatment for whatever you may struggle with.

Physiotherapy is a young profession which is constantly evolving with research and progression. This is only one of the reasons I am so excited about physiotherapy.

I love keeping up to date with the most current best practice. With more than 17 years experience and an insatiable hunger for continuous professional development, you can be assured of the best treatment. As part of a multi disciplinary team and great referral network of specialists, you will be well looked after, should onward referral be necessary at any point.

You are always the most important person in the team. It is crucial that you always understand the condition and process and that all your concerns are addressed. Please never hesitate to ask questions, discuss and even get second opinions. Communication is key.



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From the world champion to the weekend warrior, I understand how important your sport is to you. Through accurate assessment, spot on manual treatment and early rehabilitation, we can set realistic goals to get you participating as soon as possible. Sport or hobbies are not only important for your physical health, but also for your mental and spiritual health.  When you can’t do the things you enjoy because of an injury, your quality of life and overall satisfaction gets impacted. All the more reason to get to the root of the issue sooner, rather than later.

If needed at any time, you will be pointed in the direction of some exceptionally qualified strength and conditioning coaches for further support. It is important to fully rehabilitate and be confident before your return to sport, to prevent recurrence or re injury.  You will be guided and advised through this process.

It so often surprise me that people put up with pain and miss out on so much due to an issue that can be solved fairly easily.  Don’t be robbed of the enjoyments in your life.




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Physio without rehab is incomplete.  In my opinion, this is the aspect of treatment where you will make the greatest gains, should you apply yourself fully.  It is important to correct those bad habits and restore good biomechanics to ensure full function and prevent recurrence of any kind.  It is worth making the effort and spending a bit more time with your physio to make sure you learn and rehab fully.

Rehabilitation is a process that starts at your very first appointment with some basic exercises, and continues until your full return to sport/activity.  Due to the nature of your injury and body, your rehab can be quite unique, so programs are tailor made and should be easily implemented.  Once again, your input is the most important here to ensure that all your concerns are addressed and your goals will be reached.




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Too often the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction are ignored, brushed off as nothing or treated with medication that only masks the problem.  If you experience pain, sensation changes, urgency or incontinence, pelvic physio may be the answer for you. 

Please get in touch for more info and to book your assessment.





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To get your back back to health, we need to get back to basics.  It is important here to access exactly what is the cause of your back pain and treat this, instead of just calming the symptoms.  Statistics show that most people suffer some form of back pain at a point through their life.  I have certainly seen a lot of satisfied patients be rid of back pain after treatment and rehab.  It can be done and should be done.  Do not sacrifice your quality of life to something that can be resolved.

Demystifying back pain is a great part of the treatment.  You will be empowered with knowledge regarding the mechanism causing you pain and dysfunction, assisting you to take control of your body again.




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As a runner, I pride myself in knowing the best techniques and methods to improve performance and prevent injuries.  You can benefit from my experience and learn from my mistakes. 

Book an appointment for your running gait analysis and assessment.  This will be a great help to a runner of any calibre.  It is best to sort out any niggles as soon as they arise, so don’t waste any time.





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Clinical Pilates forms the basis of every rehab program.  It is an amazingly effective way of retraining and correcting and it is actually great fun. I also use Pilates as a warm up when teaching yoga classes. One to one sessions are available. 
You will certainly appreciate the benefits of practising it. 
My patients will testify how their practice allowed them to return to their sports and helped them maintain strenuous training programs without injury. 
All you need is an open mind.





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Have you ever found your prescribed rehab exercises really boring?Effective treatment is treatment combined with rehab that includes your new movement patterns.

Teaching Yoga provided a way for me to observe my patients during their practice and give guidance on correct technique, while they are doing something they enjoy… and I love teaching. click here to find out more about yoga and physiotherapy.





The Pain Exchange is a charity providing small group exercise classes and intervention for those suffering chronic pain (Pain endured for 3 months or more).

The Pain Exchange was started in 2013 by Sharon Morgans and Retha Welding, and runs from the St Dunstan’s Church in Acton on Mondays.  We officially obtained charitable status in 2016.

For more information or to make a donation, you’re welcome to follow the link: