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Every one of us is on a journey through life. We all have things we enjoy doing and things that are hard to do.
We all have ideals and dreams, and we all have limited resources and time.
To top it all off, each one of us have only one body. Your health is your greatest wealth.
It is our passion to assist you in this journey wherever there are injuries or other difficulties in your body that prevent you from enjoying your life. 
It is often much easier than you think.

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The most important key to success is to find what makes you tick and what exactly is holding you back. Good assessment is a skill that develops through years of experience. My aim is to find the root cause and not just calm the symptoms.

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This will be tailor made to your needs. Rest assured that you will receive ample guidance, education and advice to help you even after treatment has finished. The best results are achieved by sticking to the basics and doing it well. No quick fixes or short cuts.

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To ensure that the problem is solved, it is important to do the rehabilitation and make changes where necessary. If, when finished with treatment, you are able to enjoy your sport/activity, understand the factors involved and know how to look after your wellbeing, I will glow with an incomparable sense of achievement.