Physiotherapist and Founder


Retha Welding, chartered and state registered physiotherapist, qualified with a BSc Hons in Physiotherapy in 1999 at the University of the Free State in South Africa.

Retha’s career includes private practice as well as hospital work, including musculoskeletal practice, orthopaedic rehab, neuro rehab, and pulmo physio in ICU, paediatric as well as other units and care facilities.

Since relocating to the UK in 2004, Retha focused on private practice in gyms, surgeries and the corporate sector. As part of a multidisciplinary network that includes consultants, surgeons, radiographers to personal trainers, Retha gained vast experience and developed special interests in pre and post surgery rehab, sports injuries and correction of biomechanics and gait analysis. She  worked closely with a podiatrist for many years. Along with practising sports herself, this vastly increased her knowledge and experience.

Patients include runners and tri-athletes to professional dancers, performing artists, martial artists and yoga and pilates teachers, as well as office workers who spend long hours at their desks.

Retha is a continuous learner and enjoys keeping up to date and developing further skills.  Recent special interests includes post natal care, pelvic health, chronic pain, mental health and yoga tuition.  

Post graduate qualifications worth mentioning here include: 

  • Yoga Teacher Training with YogaLondon,  

  • Pelvic Health with Ruth Jones

  • Mummy MOT with Maria Elliott

  • Chronic Pain with Mike Stewardt

  • Orthopeadic Manipulation Therapy 

  • Dry Needling and acupuncture 

As an Integrated System Approach trained physiotherapist, Retha has a unique skill set that allows solving the cause of dysfunctions and restoring the correct biomechanics in our bodies for optimal function.

 For fun, Retha practises yoga, rock climbing, surfing and adventure sports.

Retha also is a proud trustee of The Pain Exchange charity that provide physio assessment, small group exercise classes and education for those suffering chronic pain.  For more info, visit our website here.




Sarah Parker qualified from St Georges Medical School, London in 2009 as a physiotherapist.

After leaving university, Sarah went travelling for almost a year with her first stop at an orphanage in Cambodia were she worked with severely disabled children for a month. She returned for her graduation in 2010 and started her first job in a hospital in Surrey where she did her junior rotations. 

Her senior position was in Ealing Hospital in the community where she remained for 4 years until she moved to New York in an attempt to get her physio license out there, which turned out impossible in the end, but we’re glad to have her at SE1Physio. 

Sarah's next step was teaching reformer pilates alongside physio across 2 clinics in Surrey and SW London where she became extremely interested in pelvic health and pregnancy. 

Now, Sarah is a qualified western medicine acupuncturist (BMAS) and a Physio in Obstetric, Gynae and Pelvic Health (POGP) member and will continue her learning in this area of huge interest.

Her passions are improving pelvic health awareness and getting/keeping mums-to-be fit and strong.