Details of fees are as follows: 

Appointments can be booked for either 30 minutes or 1 hour.

30 minute appointment£45.00 1 hour appointment£85.00 Mummy MOT£90.00

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“I was introduced to Retha by a lovely friend of mine and I was already told she can do wonders. I had a knee injury that needed to be fixed but Retha managed to fix my whole body at the end. She has the knowledge, lots of experience and she just knows what she’s doing. She is brilliant, I cannot be thankful enough. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

- Dezi Olle – London

“As a full time yoga teacher I am exposed to large groups of people day in and day out. A significant percentage of these people have injuries and pain and as a standard practice I always send them to Retha. I have yet to meet a client that sees her that doesn’t get outstanding results. Her knowledge and intuition is second to none. Personally I have been seeing Retha now for over 8 years and I’m always blown away by how precise her diagnosis and effective her treatments are. I’m very proud to send my clients to her and incredibly grateful to have her in my life.”

- Celest Pereira – Cityogi, London

“Retha combines a brilliantly perceptive ability to see underlying issues that other therapists miss with excellent physical manipulation skills to release, realign and reactivate troubled body parts. She has helped me a lot as a professional dancer since I started coming to see her in March this year.”

- Amir Giles – Professional Dancer

“I had my first treatment with Retha two and a half years ago when I was suffering from posture-related back pain. I had seen a few physiotherapists up to that point but they hadn’t managed to alleviate my symptoms for more than a couple of days at a time. Retha not only sorted out my back but she has also helped me with my ongoing knee problems. She has a holistic approach which acknowledges that different issues can be interrelated and she has a unique ability of knowing where to start! I would recommend Retha wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking for a simply brilliant physiotherapist.”

- Eleni Molida-McEwan